Minnetonka Fast Facts


Comfortable is the #1 description you will hear from customers who own and love Minnetonkas. Many of our other shoe styles include added comfort features like contoured footbeds, cushioned inserts and sheepskin or faux fur lining. Our heritage styles offer a barefoot style and comfort, made from leather that molds to your feet over time. Like your favorite pair of blue jeans, once you wear them in you never want to take them off.


Our materials are sourced from around the world to create durable, long-lasting product. Suede leather, moosehide and deerskin are silky soft to step into while providing durable support. Our high quality sheepskin lining is cozy and soft while allowing feet to breath. Learn more about our materials here.


Since 1946, Minnetonka has been an independently owned, family-run business based in Minneapolis. From the 60’s era hippies to the super models and social media influencers of today, Minnetonka is more than a shoe to those who love us. It is a story to be told and a special story to be shared from one generation to the next. If you meet a customer who has owned a pair, ask them where they purchased them and listen as their Minnetonka story unfolds.


Made form high quality leathers and materials, our footwear is made to mold to your foot and become more comfortable over time, just like your favorite blue jeans. Product made with suede and leather will stretch, so we recommend fitting these products to be a bit snug at time of purchase to allow room to soften and stretch. We recommend going down a half size in many of our styles (see fit on each product), however the best way to ensure proper fit is for customers to try on the product.


Value is at our core. We strive every day to create high quality, long lasting product that is accessible to many and priced competitively compared to other casual footwear and slipper companies. Learn more about our manufacturing journey here.