Môko Kobayashi Collaboration | Minnetonka Moccasin

We’re excited to welcome back Môko Kobayashi for our latest moccasin collaboration. In the past, Kobayashi has shared her beaded designs with Minnetonka, each one yielding stunning results. An established accessory designer, Kobayashi crafts beautiful pins, necklaces, and hair accessories. With wildlife as her inspiration, she’s embellished Minnetonka mocs with beaded images of wolves, reindeer, bees, and feather designs. Here she returns with a brand new flock of beauties, featuring the flamingo. This new collection of suede and leather beaded moccasins comes just in time to enhance your spring and summer style.


Fascinated by crafting at an early age, Kobayashi eventually studied haute couture embroidery in Paris. She’s taken her knowledge of centuries-old techniques and transformed them into modern wearable style. Her Japanese line, Maison des Perles, offers whimsical accessories, and she also continues to teach classes on embroidery. Kobayashi values handcraftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail, which has made the partnership with Minnetonka a natural fit. Read more about her background and the inspiration behind her work with Minnetonka here.


All new for 2019, we’re introducing three beaded mocs featuring Kobayashi’s flamingo design. In recent seasons, flamingo motifs have been stylishly integrated onto apparel. With their irresistible pink feathers and distinctive silhouettes, the fanciful bird reminds us of exotic locations, relaxation, pools, and outdoor activities. Kobayashi’s metallic beaded design is a chic way to wear this trend, and a fresh way to wear moccasins in the spring and summer months.

The sleek White Smooth Leather mocs are bright white and would look cool with crisp shorts or a denim skirt. The Stone Suede is a neutral earth tone shade that works with a variety of pieces, from jeans to dresses and leggings. Lastly is the Turquoise Suede, a vibrant aqua that will bring your spring break and summer looks to the next level.

Each features the flamingo detail on the toe, along with the stitching and fringe accents our moccasins are known for. Their comfortable slip-on design makes them easy to wear on your vacation getaways or sunny day occasions. Like the previous collections, this new line is a limited edition. Don’t let summer fly by without picking up a pair.