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MOTHER x Minnetonka

We're excited to partner this month with cult denim purveyor MOTHER to create a far-out limited-edition capsule collection featuring four styles inspired by bohemia and the free-spirited attitude of the 70’s. 

We recently sat down with MOTHER founders Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker to discuss style, embroidery and the inspiration behind the MOTHER x Minnetonka collaboration.

Tell us your history with the Minnetonka brand. Why did it resonate with you to collaborate on this project?

Lela Becker: I used to live in Minnetonka slippers as a kid and have always been a fan. When we were approached for a collaboration I felt an immediate connection. I loved bringing our cheeky MOTHER personality to their throw-it-on classic American style.    

Embroidery is such a huge part of MOTHER’s DNA. How did you start incorporating that design element into your brand? 

Tim Kaeding: Embroidery was the natural progression from the different printing techniques that we started with. We dabbled in printing everything that needed some color or imagery and then we added embroidery because it seemed more retro and gave a different texture to the line. It really allowed more flexibility and creativity to tell our stories.

How are you styling your MOTHER x Minnetonka mocs this fall? 

Lela Becker: I plan to style my mocs with ankle length jeans in a faded wash and some sporty socks. 

Where do you find design inspiration each season?

Tim Kaeding: Our monthly design inspirations come from many places. They include current events or trends combined with nostalgic childhood memories that usually produce some funny and off the wall ideas.

Tell us the inspiration behind the MOTHER x Minnetonka embroidery. 

Tim Kaeding: We liked the idea of mixing handmade ’70s designs with an authentic heritage shoe brand. The colorful embroidery was inspired by handmade stitching that you might find on a lost sweater or jacket in your mother’s closet. The metallic designs are a celestial take on glam rock reminiscent of the glory days of NYC Max’s Kansas City.    

Who is your ’70s style icon? 

Tim & Lela: Bowie

Woodstock or Coachella? 

Tim: Woodstock

 Fave glam rocker - Stevie Nicks or David Bowie? 

Lela: Both!

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