Our Native American Commitment

Over the years, Minnetonka has quietly given financial donations to Native American organizations locally and nationally. But that’s not enough. Indigenous culture and design has influenced our brand and business, and we are committed to honoring and investing in the Native American community for the long-term. This page will be updated as we continue to expand our commitment.




Created with our Native American advisors in 2020, we crafted a plan with five key commitments that guide our Indigenous community-building actions.




Read about our Reconciliation Advisor Adrienne Benjamin’s journey to working with Minnetonka, written in her own words.




Long-term investment in the Native American community is a key element of our giving philosophy, and we will continue to support a number of Indigenous organizations in Minnesota and beyond.




As an important first step on our public journey towards reconciling our past appropriation, in early 2021 we redesigned our logo to remove culturally appropriated symbols.


In December 2021, we launched our first Native-designed and hand-crafted product with Anishinaabe artist and our Reconciliation Advisor, Adrienne Benjamin – and there will be many more collections to come. We’re committed to collaborating with Indigenous artists, designers and creators who will receive recognition and payment for their work in redesigning appropriated products and creating new, Native-designed products.





A Minnesotan, Anishinaabe, and a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Adrienne Benjamin is a multifaceted artist whose designs encompass personal experiences and traditional cultural teachings.


Launched Dec 2021: Adrienne Benjamin x Hand-Beaded Hats, Collection 1 (sold out)


Launching April 2022: Adrienne Benjamin x Hand-Beaded Hats, Collection 2