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Pom Pom Sandal DIY

Inspiring handcrafted how-to’s for your home, life and well being.  Our Made By Hand series features distinct DIYs made with a little love and a lot of creative spirit. Today's post comes from Made By Hand contributors Tegan and Lindsay of  Treasures & Travels. 

We had SO much fun doing this super easy DIY tie up sandals with Minnetonka. Summer is here (YAY) so it's time to pull out your sandals and have some extra fun with them this season! 

These sandals are the Portofino in Stone color. We bought a bunch of pom poms at the dollar store, as well as some thin leather rope from a craft store. Grab a glue gun and let's begin!  

Cut the tassels off of the sandals - set them aside, because we will be glueing them back on later!

Unravel the laces, and take them off of the sandals. 

Replace the laces with the leather string, and weave it up, crisscrossing through the sandal loops. 

Get your hot glue gun out, and glue a pom pom on the front of each sandal loop.

Measure out the length of the leather laces around your legs, wrapping both ends around your calves. Make sure the leather laces go high enough to sit above your calves when you tie them, so they won't slip down when you walk!

Take the ends of the new leather laces and hot glue the tassels back onto the ends. Top off with a pom pom. 

** We added the extra leather laces we had to the strap along the foot for added glam! We love how this ties the look of the laces together with the whole shoe. 

About Treasures & Travels:
Treasures & Travels is a lifestyle blog by Tegan Klenner & Lindsay Sjoberg, two sisters from Vancouver, Canada. They blog about all the things they love from style, DIY projects, recipes and beauty to the small joys of everyday life.

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