Store Spotlight: Berkshire General Store

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Berkshire General Store 25 Edison Drive, Wayne NJ, 07470

Today we’re excited to spotlight Berkshire General Store of Wayne, New Jersey a third generation, family owned business since 1972. Find out more about the Berkshire General Store in our Q&A below!

What is your Minnetonka story?
Minnetonka has been in our store for over a decade. What started as a small business of just a few basic moccasins has turned into one of our best sellers, with a variety of different styles and colors for men, women, and children.

From sandals, to casual slip ons, to boots, Minnetonka provides a variety of choices for each customer that enters our door. This American classic fits in perfectly with the style of our store.

What is the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?
The Leopard Kilty Moc is one of our best sellers. We find most of our customers buy these as a back to school gift for their daughters (seeing as we’re located relatively close to the local high-schools). Our smaller sizes always fly off the shelves.

A close second would be the 5-Layer Fringe Boot due to it’s fashionable, iconic look that appeals to many.

What is your favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs or boots?
They’re all great and have that unique look that everyone gravitates to, but if we had to narrow it down, it’d have to be the Classic Moc in dusty brown for men and the 5-Layer Fringe Boot in black for the ladies.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
We are very fortunate to be located in such a diverse area. The Great Falls of the Passaic River is a prominent waterfall of about 77 feet (23 m), and is located no more than 15 minutes away from our store.

Garret Mountain, our county’s major recreational area provides visitors with grass fields, several miles of walking and running trails, basketball courts, picnic areas, along with a breath-taking views of northern New Jersey and the New York City skyline. The sunset is a must-see here.

2 comments on “Store Spotlight: Berkshire General Store

  1. Hey !! amazing !
    WHEN do you think you will ship to France ?
    I know there are Minnetonka in France but it costs simply double the price ! Pleaaaase let me know ;)

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