Store Spotlight: Winnebago Gift Shop

Winnebago Gift Shop of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

A beautiful display filled with a variety of Minnetonka styles

Fringe-tastic! Winnebago Gift Shop's selection of Minnetonka products including the Hobo Fringe bag and 3-Layer Fringe boots

Ben and Kelli in their favorite Minnetonka styles!

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Winnebago Gift Shop 226 Broadway Wisconsin Dells, WI.

The Winnebago Gift Shop in Wisconsin Dells is owned and operated by husband and wife team Ben Borcher and Kelli Trumble.  Ben is a fourth generation retailer in the Dells and he and Kelli also own Alpha Beta Karma boutique (located on the same block as The Winnebago), which carries Minnetonka’s most fashion-forward styles. Check out our Q&A with Ben and Kelli to learn more about Winnebago Gift Shop including their Minnetonka story!

What’s your Minnetonka story?
The Winnebago is a landmark gift store that’s been in operation in Wisconsin Dells since 1949. We’re located in a historic building, circa 1860, in the downtown river shopping district. Generations have made their annual pilgrimage to our store to pick up a new pair of Minnetonka mocs. This started way back when the community was simply a popular Midwest summer vacation destination, but now the Dells are busy year-round thanks to its status as the “waterpark capital of the world.”

We have carried Minnetonka moccasins from the first day we opened.  You might say Minnetonka has helped define us and vice versa.

What are the most popular Minnetonka styles at Winnebago Gift Shop?
We have such a long history with Minnetonka that we can tell you, hands down, the most popular style over the years are the moosehide moccasins.

What is your favorite style of Minnetonka mocs to wear?
For Kelli, it’s whatever is hip and high style – she favors the calf-high double fringe boots with a wedge heel and the new full leopard print moccasin.  For me, I’m a traditionalist – give me a brown suede driving moc any day.

How do you like to style your Minnetonka mocs or boots?
Again, Kelli and I go our separate ways on this.  She likes to style hers as any true fashion plate would – with a designer dress and lots of accessories for trips to New York and Chicago.  I, on the other hand, wear mine with jeans and a casual shirt.  Kelli and I are the classic high-low pair if ever there was one and it works!

What are a few ‘must see’ destinations when visiting the Wisconsin Dells near Winnebago Gift Shop?
When in Wisconsin Dells, be sure to take a scenic tour of the Wisconsin River – the sandstone bluffs are amazing.  Of course, a visit to a waterpark is mandatory.  For foodies, stroll two doors down from our store to the High Rock Café, where the seasonal menus are the best.

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