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Tassel Trimmed Slippers

Inspiring handcrafted how-to’s for your home, life and well being.  Our Made By Hand series features distinct DIYs made with a little love and a lot of creative spirit. Today's post comes from Lindsey Crafter

During the winter months there’s nothing better than cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate and a new series to binge-watch on Netflix! I like to slip into something a little more comfortable (and fabulous) after work, so I trimmed-out my classic Chesney slippers with my favorite colors and textures (tassels and velvet of course). See how I crafted them below!


What You’ll Need

Various embellishment trims, each at least 24” in length

Permanent fabric adhesive


Optional: Rhinestone studs

Optional: Iron and Ironing Board

Step 1:  Lay out a pattern

Assemble your ribbons and trims and arrange them in your preferred pattern. Alternate textures, widths of trims, and colors to achieve a patchwork look. Flat velvet and grosgrain ribbons work well for a base to cover the slipper suede. Macrame and rhinestone trims make great finishing touches and can be easily layered on top of wider pieces.

Step 2: Cut trim to fit

Measure each piece against the surface of the slipper starting at the center seam and ending at the base of the slipper. Fold under the ends and trim off excess length. You may need to use a warm iron to flatten any bundles of trim that were rolled up or folded. Press raw ends under to prevent fraying after the pieces are glued down.

Step 3: Glue down trim pieces on each side of the center seam.

Apply a strip of fabric glue to the back of the ribbon or trim and press into place. Hold trim onto the suede surface of the slipper for several seconds while the glue sets. Reflect your trim pattern on each side of the center seam and repeat steps for cutting and glueing down the wider pieces of velvet ribbon and trim.

Step 4: Embellish with skinny trims or rhinestones.

After you have covered the surface of each slipper with the wider trims, embellish each row with skinnier tassel trims or rhinestones to create layered texture. Trim each to piece to fit and glue down with a permanent fabric adhesive.

Tip: A toothpick can be used to easily apply glue to skinnier trims without making a mess!

Step 5: Add the finishing touches!

Apply a decorative trim down the center seam of the slipper with a strip of glue. This will conceal the folded edges of the other trims while adding just a little more sparkle! Allow the the glue on your slippers to cure overnight before wearing or your trims and embellishments may shift.

Do you like customizing your favorite Minnetonka slippers? Don’t forget to tag your creations with #MyMinnetonka and share with us on Instagram!

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Lindsey Crafter is a crafting and DIY decor brand focused on teaching true skills to new makers--with an emphasis on sustainability. Her colorful website combines easy craft tutorials with an online shop housing her handmade jewelry, fine art and vintage. 

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