The Ultimate Guide for Driving Mocs

You probably are familiar with the moccasin style, but have you ever tried driving moccasins or wondered how they are different? An enhanced moccasin, driving mocs are tailored for cruising the road. We wanted to give you the scoop on why they are special and how to wear them.


In the '60s, driving moccasins gained popularity with the wealthy and European sports car owners. Instead of handling pedals with fussy dress shoes, driving mocs allowed drivers more flexibility and comfort.

We debuted our first driving moccasin in 1986. Besides their wonderful suitability for driving, they fit right in with the preppy trend of the time. Even after 30 years, the versatile shoe continues to be a stylish fashion statement. 


So how are driving moccasins different from traditional ones? Traditional men’s moccasins are soft, flat leather shoes with no sole. Driving mocs, like on the Classic Driver, feature pebbled nubs along the bottom to grip the pedals and extend the wear of the shoe. The comfort and flexibility are handy for driving performance.

Although still made to be soft and lightweight, the Moosehide Driver is designed with larger rubber panels for more durability. The Double Bottom Driver features larger rubber nubs as well, but is also layered with double the leather for extra support and durability.

Handcrafted Construction

Honoring authentic construction, the P.W. Driving Moc is made with a special, artisanal process. Instead, each moccasin is handcrafted and made-to-order.


For preventative care before water and stains hit your moccasins, spray them with a suede/leather stain repellent. The Minnetonka Care Kit is a good place to start to clean and protect your men’s mocs. For stains, spot treat with a gentle soap or shampoo, such as baby shampoo, and a damp cloth. Gently rub in a circular motion. 

How to Wear

Men’s mocs are a casual shoe, but are ideal for expressing an original style statement. Driving mocs look particularly stylish in the spring and summer months. Pair them with chinos, seersucker pants, or jeans. They can also work for a dressed-up shorts look.           

Style tip: Don’t wear with socks! Driving mocs look best on a sockless foot. However, if being barefoot in a shoe is your worst nightmare, stock up on ankle socks, which are cropped to be hidden under the shoe.

Men’s moccasins have a classic appeal, especially in neutral colors. Don’t be afraid to wear with different clothing textures and shades. They look chic with assorted prints and even bright colors.