How to Wear Hats Like a Pro This Fall | Minnetonka Moccasin

Join us on the trail as we follow these travel fans who took Minnetonka hats along with them on their adventures. Our collection of hats work well for the active individual. They make an original style statement while the quality materials and construction make them practical for outdoor activities. These hats for fall make it easy to integrate warmer pieces into your wardrobe as the last embers of summer fade. Read further to see how to wear hats like a pro.

The Long and Short of It

A hat is handy when exploring the outdoors. Not only is it stylish, it is useful to protect your face from the sun. Pieces as simple as a pair of shorts and a distinctive sweater look both free spirited and winsome with the right hat. Made with exceptional, distressed leather and hidden steel wire construction, the Outback completes a versatile and functional outfit that’s ready for adventures in the great wide open.

Travel Topper

Hats coordinate well with plaid. The pattern and  fabric are classics for fall fashion, and a staple for the outdoor enthusiast. Basic pieces like plaid tops and jackets match the ease of the Fold Up hat, which literally folds into a compact shape to conveniently fit in your bag. Pair the portable hat with a red plaid top, jeans, and a backpack and you’ll be ready to start your next epic adventure. 

Attention to Detail

Venture out with an accented hat. Detailed accessories can make a long-sleeved, creamy knit top stand out with style. The result is a minimalist but attractive ensemble. Try the Fold Up hat, which is made with high quality leather and embellished with a braided ring. 

Leather Hats

Leather hats add a handsome touch to fall outfits. It’s an inspired addition to clothes in reds, oranges, browns, and other warm neutrals. Explore life’s possibilities in the Outback. Made with ruff distressed leather, wear this versatile hat on crisp autumn walks amidst the changing leaves, camping, or social gatherings. 

Black, White & Cool All Over

In between the heat of summer and the coolness of winter, layers are key. Try a juxtaposed look with a black, wide-brimmed hat and a white, chunky sweater. Enjoy sunlit moments wearing the Buffalo Nickel Hat, which is accented with Buffalo nickel metal embellishments. Wear with light jeans and a durable but fashionable moccasin.

Suede Hats

Suede is a luxurious fabric fit for the autumn months. Find a slouchy suede hat like the Parker Floppy Hat to wear with jeans and a clean, flowy top for a relaxed and classic look. Match the outfit with suede sneaks, like the Venice. An ideal outfit for harvest festivals, apple pickings, and other outdoor fall activities.