What is a Softsole Shoe?


What is a Softsole Shoe?

Reasons to Love Leather Soled House Shoes

Sometimes, wearing hardsole shoes can feel too rigid and restrictive for leisurely activities, with no room for your toes to wiggle around and stretch. And as much as children and adults alike might want to in certain settings, wearing no shoes at all isn’t always realistic. The good news is there’s another option! An option that’s dare we say, even better than barefoot.  


Picture a shoe without a sole – just light, supple, genuine leather that cradles every contour of your feet. Silky soft to step into, while still providing a protective barrier that allows you to grip and feel the ground beneath you. Whereas hardsole shoes feature a sole made from rubber, crepe, or other material, softsole shoes only have a leather bottom – nothing but carefree comfort that can be worn oh-so many ways.  


Your search for the most comfortable shoes has brought you to the right place. Read on to learn about the unique benefits of wearing the classic softsole moccasins from Minnetonka that have been beloved for decades.  


The Perfect House Shoe For All Seasons

For those who love to wear slippers all year round, softsoles are the ideal versatile option. In the spring and summertime, many of us don’t want all the extra warmth created by cozy lined interiors and thick soles. Since many of our softsole styles are unlined, they make for an ultra-light and more breathable house shoe choice for staying cool yet comfy on leisurely summer days. And when the months start to get chillier? Naturally, as the calendar moves toward fall and winter we start crave a little more warmth. That’s the perfect time to transition from unlined softsoles to our sheepskin and pile lined softsoles! No matter what the weather, these leather beauties have you covered.


Made to Feel The Ground Beneath You

When we first start walking in our infancy, we explore our surroundings almost exclusively in our bare feet. It’s imperative for babies to feel the ground beneath them and use their toes to grip for stability, balance and coordination – and this practice carries on into our adult lives! On those sunny days perfect for picnics and lounging on the patio, we often find ourselves wanting to kick off our shoes to move around and feel our environment more freely. It’s one of the many reasons that simple, flat leather footwear has lasted for centuries – it feels closest to walking “the natural way” while still offering a protective barrier.


Hardsole shoes are still the obvious choice for full protection against rough terrain, but softsoles offer a lighter, more flexible alternative that shields you from cold, slippery or dirty surfaces while allowing a full range of motion and grip. Wherever you are, you can move your feet in all the ways that nature intended in a pair of leather softsoles.



A More Natural Fit For Your Feet

There’s no need to break in these shoes since they’re already so soft! They just mold to the shape of your foot more over time, making each pair feel personalized to the wearer. While there are many shoes today that have special ergonomic features for improved walking, comfort or support, sometimes the simple design of softsole shoes can feel equally (if not more so) comfy on your feet. Featuring a very lightly padded insole, Minnetonka softsoles simply evoke the feeling of being barefoot, but better. Walking in these shoes allows for the natural movement of your body with every step, conforming to the foot’s natural form without the influence of modern design features.


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