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Counterfeit Education

Product Inquiry?

Counterfeit products are illegally made imitations or fakes intended to deceive consumers into believing it to be genuine. We want to help our customers be aware of inferior counterfeit Minnetonka products that are being sold to unsuspecting buyers as authentic. If you have questions about the product that you’ve purchased and its authenticity, please contact us at

Confirm Minnetonka Authorized Internet Retailers

Minnetonka supports and authorizes many 3rd party websites to sell our product to consumers. To confirm that the site you are shopping on is an Authorized Internet Retailer, contact us at

Counterfeit 101

Counterfeiting is illegal and damaging to our global economy by removing honest jobs, costing legitimate revenue by not paying taxes, and harming ethical business people. Counterfeiters are not accountable to adhere to human rights and environmental regulations, and often participate in other criminal activity such as identity theft, do not deliver goods that were paid for, and have even been connected to gang activity and terrorism, among other crimes. Purchasing counterfeit product is funding and supporting these kinds of criminal activities.

Beware of Minnetonka product for sale or “cheap Minnetonka” product advertised online. To ensure you purchase only genuine Minnetonka products, please use our Retailer Locator to locate a store near you, or check to ensure that the online store you are shopping at is an authorized online retailer in the search to your left.

We are dedicated to fighting this problem. Minnetonka works with worldwide Customs authorities and various law enforcement agencies to spot and stop the shipment of counterfeit goods, preventing their sale and distribution. Minnetonka also actively works to takedown any counterfeit websites, sponsored links, online auctions and trade listings in order to protect consumers.

If you think you’ve identified or purchased a counterfeit Minnetonka product, we would greatly appreciate your help in fighting this battle by reporting the incident to our company. By locating counterfeiters and taking legal action against them, we are doing our part to eliminate future incidents of counterfeiting from occurring.