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  1. Kilty Hardsole
    Kilty Hardsole
    $33.71 USD
  2. Kilty Plus
    Kilty Plus
    $59.95 USD
  3. Thunderbird II
    Thunderbird II
    $49.95 USD - $54.95 USD
  4. Thunderbird Softsole
    Thunderbird Softsole
    $45.95 USD - $49.95 USD
  5. Kilty Softsole
    Kilty Softsole
    $33.71 USD
  6. Thunderbird Boat Moc
    Thunderbird Boat Moc
    $49.95 USD - $54.95 USD
  7. Moosehide Classic
    Women's Moosehide Classic
    $73.95 USD
  8. Deerskin Kilty
    Deerskin Kilty
    $62.95 USD
  9. Moosehide Classic
    Men's Moosehide Classic
    $62.21 USD - $67.46 USD
  10. Double Deerskin Softsole
    Double Deerskin Softsole
    $95.95 USD
  11. Leather Laced Softsole
    Leather Laced Softsole
    $48.95 USD
  12. Classic Moc
    Classic Moc
    $47.96 USD
  13. Camp Moc
    Camp Moc
    $59.95 USD - $69.95 USD
  14. Moosehide Weekender
    Moosehide Weekender
    $89.95 USD - $95.95 USD
  15. Double Bottom Softsole
    Double Bottom Softsole
    $56.95 USD
  16. Moosehide Driver
    Moosehide Driver
    $87.95 USD - $93.95 USD
  17. Women's Moccasins

    For women’s moccasins, Minnetonka is the exceptional choice. Whether in velvety soft suede or smooth leather, moccasins are versatile and suit any style. Try one of our beloved classics, or switch it up with one of our modern variations. Get your perfect pair here.

  18. Men's Moccasins

    Our men’s moccasins are lux and comfortable. Find smooth, high-end leathers, suede loafer styles, hardsoles, softsoles, and double-bottom leather soles. Enjoy your weekend in a comfy classic moccasin, or take to the road in a sleek driving moc. See the possibilities here.

  19. Our leather moccasins started it all. Handcrafted, our mocs are made with the highest quality materials, including soft suede and supple leathers of deerskin or moosehide. That’s just the beginning. Become part of the story and explore our men’s and women’s moccasins today.

16 Items

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