Minnetonka Ecowise

Minnetonka Ecowise - Walk the earth in Sustainable ComfortMinnetonka Ecowise - Walk the earth in Sustainable Comfort (mobile)

Comfortable, eco-friendly and built to last – welcome to wearability for a better world. Expertly crafted with durable materials produced from recycled waste products, this line is the beginning of a new era for Minnetonka: high-quality footwear with a low environmental impact. With the help of our non-profit partner One Tree Planted, every pair purchased also plants one tree!


Made with durable, eco-friendly materialsMade with durable, eco-friendly materials
100% recycled plastic botle fabric100% recycled plastic botle fabric (mobile)

An average of 8 plastic bottles are salvaged to create each pair of shoes. These bottles are sorted, washed, and crushed down to get shredded into flakes. Shredded flakes from recycled bottles are blended, melted down, and shaped into pellets that are then extruded into thread. This thread is woven into the fabric material that is used on the exterior of the shoe.

5% recycled rice husk sole5% recycled rice husk sole (mobile)

As an agricultural by-product, rice husk typically ends up in a landfill or is burned. Instead of letting this unique material go to waste, we give it new life by grinding it up and combining it with rubber to create our durable soles – which also helps reduce the use of new rubber by 5%.

The berber lining is created by incorporating the recycled plastic pellets with conventional polyester, which is tufted to create a soft, fluffy lining that’s just like the kind you know and love from Minnetonka.

70% sugarcane eva sole70% sugarcane eva sole (mobile)

Featherweight, flexible, feel-good. Minnetonka’s Flex3 outsole is made with 70% recycled sugarcane EVA, a natural substance that replaces harmful materials. Super light yet durable, this wear-anywhere bottom is made to move in ultimate eco-friendly comfort.

A shoe box and a shipping box - all in oneA shoe box and a shipping box - all in one (mobile)

Forest Stewardship Council Certified, all of our eco shoes are packaged in a paperboard box that is a recyclable one-piece container made entirely from recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink.

One tree plantedOne tree planted (mobile)
Buy one pair, plant one treeBuy one pair, plant one tree (mobile)

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, and our chosen partner in using product sales to make a positive difference for the planet. With every pair sold, Minnetonka will help reforest the Chippewa National Forest as part of our Native American Commitment. Located in north central Minnesota, nearly half of this forest spans across the boundaries of Indigenous territory.

To learn more about our Commitment to the Native American community, click here.