Minnetonka Our Native American CommitmentMinnetonka Our Native American Commitment (mobile)

Minnetonka is committed to honoring and investing in the Native American community for the long-term. Learn more about how we put our commitment into practice.

Working with native american artists & designersWorking with native american artists & designers (mobile)


We’re committed to collaborating with Native American artists, who will receive recognition and payment for their work in redesigning appropriated products and creating new, Native-designed products. So far, our collaborations include:





A Minnesotan, Anishinaabe, and a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Adrienne Benjamin is a multifaceted artist whose designs encompass personal experiences and traditional cultural teachings.





Lucie Skjefte is a citizen of the Red Lake Nation Anishinaabeg, and a Minneapolis-based designer, mentor, and educator whose work is rooted in activism that challenges the status quo with positivity.




Long-term investment in the Native American community is a key element of our giving philosophy, and we will continue to support a number of Indigenous organizations in Minnesota and beyond.



Created with our Native American advisors in 2020, we crafted a plan with five key commitments that guide our Indigenous community-building actions.



As an important first step on our public journey towards reconciling our past appropriation, in early 2021 we redesigned our logo to remove culturally appropriated symbols.