The Perfect Shoes for Plane Travel | Minnetonka Moccasin

Passports, packing, itineraries... there’s a lot that goes into travel days. Smooth out the process by keeping everything else simple, like your shoes. The best travel shoes are easy to slip on and off when passing through security, hold up in crowded terminals, and are comfortable for long plane rides. You’ll also want to look out for natural materials like leather to allow feet to breathe. We found four travel shoes that hit all these marks and more for when you fly the skies.


The Kilty Hardsole is a casual-chic moccasin with a rubber sole to help you get around. This design is versatile enough to work with many travel outfits, from jeans and shorts to leggings and joggers. Plus, it’s also available in over a dozen color options. Even if you get stuck in a delay or need to rush to your connecting flight, you can depend on the soft suede moccasin to keep you comfortable.


One of the most comfy shoes to wear, the Anna ballet slipper has deluxe features that make traveling a more pleasant experience. While it is a delicate looking shoe, it is constructed with high-quality leather and a padded insole to withstand long lines. With their classic look, no doubt you will wear them again after you reach your destination. They’re also thin enough if you want to fit an extra pair of shoes inside your carry-on bag.


Fly in style with the Mimi Driving Moc. Flip-flops might be a tempting plane travel option, but a moccasin will give you more protection when battling crowds, running to your gate, or navigating cramped seating situations. These slip-on shoes are made with luxe Nubuck leather and feature silver hardware accents. You’ll look stylish from the airport to driving your rental car to checking in at an upscale hotel. Made to order, you can also choose from split-sizing options, three different widths, and extended sizes.


If you’re looking for cushion and support, try the Sophia. The loafer design makes them easy to take on and off, so security is a snap. Choose from decorative cutouts or striped-patterned styles. They feature padded heels and arch cushions for support; plus they include removable padded insoles. The soft suede leather will keep your feet at ease even at 35,000 feet in the air.

Don’t waste time fussing with complicated shoes at the airport. Going barefoot isn’t an option, but we have the closest thing to it with four perfect plane travel shoes. Select a pair that will make your life easier and give you comfort throughout your journey.