Slippers to Ring in the New Year | Minnetonka Moccasin

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in cozy slippers! While it’s a popular party night, sometimes the outdoor New Year’s plans are not all that it’s cracked up to be. Why experience the crowds, surge prices, and the bitter cold when you can stay comfy cozy with your loved ones at home? Soft slippers, a crackling fireplace, hot cider, and other hygge comforts can make the night just as grand. Ring in 2020 with some of our best slippers for women below.


After the hustle and bustle of the past month, New Year’s is the time to take a breath and relax. The Metallic Cally will set the tone with its soft pile lining. With an attractive metallic sheen, it’s an inspired choice for the holiday. The moccasins are flat with a flexible, thin rubber sole and rawhide lacing. Now’s the opportunity to spend the day enjoying your new air fryer, bath bombs, candles, or the other toys that Santa brought you this year. The Metallic Cally is a cozy option that you won’t want to take off.


This is the last chance to indulge before going back to the regular routine. Do something that’s just for you whether it’s planning on mastering Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington for New Year’s dinner or ordering in Chinese takeout. Your special day will be complete with the Betty. The fuzzy slipper boot is made with textured tipped Berber. It also comes in three cute colorways: Charcoal, Cream and Orange (a fun rainbow-like design). Plush pile lines the interior and also extends to the collar for a stylish trim. With its ankle coverage and fashionable design, Betty is handy if you have to make a quick trip to the grocery store or deliver a batch of your family’s fresh-baked cookies to the neighbors’. 


Watch the rain outside while you’re nestled in a toasty blanket. One of our warmest options is Chrissy. The full-coverage bootie comes in genuine suede. Feeling as cozy as they look, the slippers are fully lined with pile. The material also folds over for the collar. Chrissy isn’t your run-of-the-mill slipper. It’s made by hand and features leather lace ties and decorative stitching. These are a great pair to wear with your new Christmas present pajamas and spend quality time with the family. Set up popcorn and sparkling cider for a game night or movie marathon.


Start the first day of the year on the right foot. New Year’s Day is the ultimate relaxation day — no work and no obligations. You can have a special brunch with the family, catch some episodes of the Twilight Zone marathon, or reflect on the family’s memorable moments from the past year. The Chesney slide-on will complement your loungewear looks. It’s plush with softness and constructed with durable materials. The outer is made with velvety suede, and feet slide right into fluffy pile lining. One of the best things about Chesney is the thick but flexible EVA sole. It’s fit for outside wear, so you can take Chesney from the couch to the cafe. 

Keep New Years’ stress-free this year by creating family memories in the comfort of your own home. Relax with the help of a special pair of slippers. See more of our women’s slippers, including sheepskin slippers, here